Archive for A forum for ex military personnel and anyone with links to ex-service and their families who wish to chat and maybe re contact lost pals. You will have the opportunity to attend our annual meet in Lincolnshire.

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Boring but necessary.
Welcome to exmilitarylincs
Thank you for joining our forum. We welcome ex military members and anyone with links to ex-service members and their families from all services. To chat and indulge in friendly banter and their is always the chance to renew old acquaintances. We hold an annual Meet in Lincolnshire, we have had six meets to date and they have been a great success,. We welcome new members to the forum and hopefully to meeting you also. Dont be afraid to ask any questions, we will be happy to answer them.
Say hello here.
Just introduce yourself here.
We'll meet again. General discussions
Chit Chat
This is for general chat and sundries.
This section may contain material that is not to everyone's taste.
Serious Stuff
News current affairs and other serious discussions post here.
Celebrations Of All Kinds
Share your important occasions.
The Sports Arena
This area is for our members who are sports fans to post sport related threads.

In Memoriam

This area is for all your Christmas and NewYear related threads
Service Pics.
Service Life
Post your pictures of yourself family and friends taken during your military service, descriptions of who's who and what's what will be nice!
Share your Pictures...
Post your interesting pictures here.........cue Dave....
Posting your pics.
how to post pictures
You can upload pictures straight from you computer , but be aware......size matters!
The Games Room (to help keep the cogs moving)

Word Association

Link the Song Title

What's in the picture?
Guess what the picture is showing.
Slim's Trivia Quiz
Slim's Trivia Quiz
Brain Teasers

Guess the famous face

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